If you believe that Engaging Learning can boost your business to change the world, then this site is the right place to start. Because I am here to support you.


Either I am invited for an enlightening talk , either for a compelling workshop, the outcome is  the same. People declare: ” Wow, that had an impact on me!”


Any new initiative, to the direction of building a Digital Learning Strategy, may provoke different kinds of resistance. Managing change and dealing effectively with resistance are of my strongest competencies.


Let me guide you through the secret paths of an engagement model for e-learning development, which will take your learners to a journey into the immersed and joyful moments of “Flow”. The results? Increased workplace satisfaction and performance.

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My personal story

It was several years ago when I discovered the magic world of online courses, the compelling world of MOOCs! Becoming a devotee online learner, I realized that I was able to learn on my own pace, in a new and exciting way. Coming back home from work, getting my boys to sleep, and then studying awake until 3 o’clock in the morning in front of my pc, most of the days, sleepless but full of energy.

This learning experience was so powerful that changed profoundly my life and the way I see education and training today. And please, don’t worry about me. After some time I slowed down and managed to get some sleep!

My personal story continues…

So I decided to transfer this immersive experience into my working environment. It was the period that I was searching ways to do something, which would bring more impact to this world. As an e-learning developer, I found my life path by inspiring and supporting people to learn in new ways that technology facilitated.

But that was not enough. I also wanted people to feel happy the way they learn. Because unfortunately, for some cultures, learning is very much linked to pain from our early childhood. And we carry this pain along in our working places as well.

This is how I came up with the development of an engagement model, which supports learners to enjoy learning and boosts their productivity in favour of their career. It combines many elements like storytelling, gamification, interactivity and much more, which make the learning process an unforgettable life experience.

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Does your story and challenges look like the ones below?

How to start?

– Yannis, I want to include digital learning in my strategies but I am not sure on how to start.

– No worries, it happened to me when I decided to bring this in the organization that I was working for. I have now found my path and I am here to support you find yours.

How to involve?

-And how can I convince and involve the different stakeholders in this process, who they don’t seem to be so enthusiastic at the moment…

– Actually, what you are bringing is a kind of change. And it is so normal that any attempt for change, most of the times, creates a “wind” of resistance. Well, the good news is that you are not alone out there and that I can help you dealing effectively with that.

How to engage?

– Thank you Yannis. Do you know how could I engage my “busy” learners to this new way of learning?

– I have developed and implementing an engagement model supporting people in their digital learning development projects. I am confident that you will find it useful and that it will help you overcome the challenges that your are mentioning. Just contact me and we can explore together what we can do about it.

So, adventure yourself through the different “learning lands” of my website and feel free to contact me for anything that you would like to ask or discuss. Enjoy!

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