My model

A unique e-learning development model, which leverages different pedagogic, change behaviour, and psychology theories and concepts in order to maximize the learners’ engagement and learning. The engagement basis of this model is the “Flow Experience”, coming from the area of Positive Psychology. It has been applied to several global corporate environments and resulted in outstanding business related outcomes.

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What e-learners feel and say:

“Innovative and attractive! I am now confident in the device and its use” – X.L. from Belgium

“Learning by doing with a lot of fun! The content will stay in my mind for a long time.” S.W. from Germany

“…it’s wonderful, it’s perfect, I am “in love” – C.D. from Brazil

“…may you and your team receive all the awards that you deserve. I would very much appreciate if I could build my e-learning-to-be on your experience.” – H.N from Germany

“Sincerely this course was the most  interesting that I have participated in my professional life, believe me.” – A.O. from Brazil

“Everything was different compared to my previous learning experiences.

It took me 2,5 hours to finish it but I felt like it was 30 minutes.”- J.G from Italy

“…and after finishing successfully the final test, I felt like going out and start selling the device immediately!” –S.P. from Greece

“I am truly impressed by the smartest on-line course I have ever seen. Tremendous implementation-bravo! Looking forward for new training masterpieces.” – A.B. from India

“…and really you don’t know how much I have benefited from this course.” I.K. from Egypt

“…It was, by far, the most effective course of this type that I have ever taken.” C.G. from USA

“It is a beautiful material for training. My dream is to have it for all products.” R.S. from France