“…all of us, who deal with Learning, we need to be Change Makers with a human orientation: Caring for our learners, caring for the system in which they operate.”

Yannis is a high demand speaker on the topics of innovative e-learning, storytelling, change, resistance and learners engagement.  With more than 20 years as a salesman, marketer, trainer and effective communicator, loves to say that he has been born in the field of experience. Consequently, the stories he shares emerge from the real corporate life, they are practical and entertaining and make people love listening to him and say: “That had an impact on me!”

Inviting Yannis to talk to your event, you and your audience will learn

  • Innovative ways, tools and secret techniques for an engaging e-learning development

  • How to apply these in your training initiatives

  • How to deal with the change that a digital learning transformation provokes

  • How to turn resistance to assistance

  • How to include stories in an effective and compelling way to any of your training and marketing projects

  • How to inspire your teams to create with care, love and excitement

Some of Yannis’s most popular talks

Future Work & Future Workers. What will be the Corporate Learning Environment of the future?
Keynote speech at OEB Conference on technology supported learning in Berlin-December 2015.
Check it out at:

Capturing learners’ attention in the era of corporate busy-ness
Presentation at OEB Conference on Technology Supported Learning in Berlin-December 2015

Training Innovation in Practice in the Medical Devices area
Speech at 3rd Annual MD Leaders Forum in Brussels-February 2016

Physicians training & engagement: Offering added value through engaging learning
Panel presentation at 3rd Annual MD Leaders Forum in Brussels-February 2016

MOOCs as training instruments for employees and partners
Lecture at the 5th European MOOCs Stakeholders Summit at the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne [EPFL]-February 2014

Gestalt Organizational Development in the Digital Ecosystem
Keynote presentation at the 1st Annual Gathering of the International Association of Gestalt in Organisations [INTAGIO] in Athens-April 2014

Shifting from change through control to change through contact in a multinational Organizational environment
Speech at 10th International Conference of the European Association for Gestalt Therapy [EAGT] in Berlin- September 2010

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