Back in the 60’s, Greece, where I was born and raised, was a very poor country and most people were struggling to create a decent life for themselves and their beloved. I grew up in a multitasking family environment, where my father was performing 3 jobs simultaneously and my mom one more along with her household responsibilities. Still, life was tough for us. So, by the age of 11, I also started working during my summer school “vacation”.

So, quite early in my life, I learned the richness, pain, and also the joy of exploring various ideas and practices for a living and for supporting others. At the same time, an artist was boiling inside me and was trying to find ways out to the world. I started playing musing, performing in theatre, and crafting things with my hands. These conditions helped me become familiar with creativity, imagination, experimentation, failure, perseverance, and a multi-dimensional perception of the world. This brought me today to hold various professional identities, and support organizations and individuals with a holistic approach as:

  • An Organizational Storytelling Coach and Consultant, working with all the different functions of an organization. Through sophisticated Story-Work I am supporting people to find effective ways of connecting with others, make meaning together of complex problems and environments, and build essential and sustainable communities of practice
  • A Certified Narrative Therapist from the Dulwitch Center for Narrative Therapy & Community Work in Adelaide, Australia.
  • A Trainer & Narrative Strategy Designer for academic institutes & businesses.
  • A Scientific Associate of the Institute of Narrative Therapy and Community Practice in Greece (IAPS)
  • A Certified Trainer from the International Bateson Institute on “Warm Data”; Nora Bateson’s living kaleidoscope of practices, which generates transcontextual knowledge by accompanying people to respond to complex and “twisted” problems in novel and essential ways.
  • An artist (musician and poet)

I have long-term international experience and deep knowledge of narrative needs for businesses and academic communities around the world. So this got me involved as a…

In December 2022, my project “Climate Parliament. Narratives of the non-human”, which highlights the “climatic” stories of the other-than-human beings and things with the help of art, and was based on the award-winning project “Gründungsversammlung Eines Klimaparlaments Sämtlicher Wesen und Unwesen” was accepted at the 8th Biennale of Contemporary Art, in Thessaloniki, Greece, and it became its most participatory event.

In 2020 during the pandemic, I co-organized and supervised one of the largest online participatory projects of that time, for a big city in Canada. It was a training program for its employees on how to continue efficiently providing their services to citizens but now working virtually from home.

My mantra is that Story requires and engenders presence. And when we are present everything starts nourishing us and speaking to us with its own voice.