“When I first met Υannis, I was impressed by the various qualifications, skills, certifications, and experiences he had in the field of Narrative Therapy, Coaching, and Organizational Development as well. “I want to start a new business, I told him, but there is chaos in my head. Can you help me?”

Very soon, after several interesting discussions and a lot of methodical work provided by him, I managed, with his constant support, to “de-fog” my thoughts, realized what I really wanted, and approached not only my professional goals but finally my own self.

All this time, he never stopped focusing on interpersonal relationships, with an open mind and a warm heart, through attentive listening, using at the same time his thorough knowledge of marketing, coaching, and storytelling in general.

So, it’s obvious that I would highly recommend Giannis to anyone looking to transform and grow their business and themselves as well.”

D.E., Labor and Employment Attorney

“Yannis is an effective change management consultant in my experience of working with him; focused, strategic, and clear, he is also collaborative, warm, smart, and funny. He commits to learning, supporting the learning of others, and drawing out the learning from change management processes.”

Dr. J. McM., Research and Facilitation

“Yannis has a strong set of competencies for leading and managing change. He brings his knowledge of learning and operations, together with his marketing experience to opportunities within the organization where he can identify and demonstrate the need for change. Yannis has a well-honed and proven ability to influence and bring people along the change journey. He does this with a solid analysis of the change which he translates into a plan to bring people through the cycle of change. His Gestalt background and his empathy make him a trusted partner in change.”

U.E., Change Leader

“Yannis Angelis is an outstanding professional with extraordinary storytelling skills. He is an artist of hosting brave and transformative spaces. Working with him, and developing an innovative format to boost digital and agile competencies within my company was a great experience of abundance, generosity, capacity, passion, and purpose. I would always recommend him in this field to be holding safe spaces in which a new narrative can emerge for a desirable future.”

B.V., Digital Transformation Advisor

“I had the privilege to work with Yannis on several projects. He is a personality who impresses with his positive and shining radiation.
Interestingly, he is transferring it to others so people feel comfortable around him. He is an excellent leader, communicating clearly and effectively, and allowing questions to be asked.
In our mutual meetings, he paid attention to the knowledge and experience of the others and intervened accordingly. He inspired us with his creative nature and spontaneous flash of inspiration.
I learned a lot from him due to his willingness to share his knowledge and I feel lucky meeting and working with him. He can be an irreplaceable asset for any organization, which decides to work with him.”

S.W., Senior VP, Global Project Management, Your Content Goes Here

“I had the pleasure of working with Yannis on several complex projects. His leadership and management skills helped bring diverse teams together to work creatively and collaboratively, keeping us on point through a successful completion. In a short time, I learned a great deal from Yannis and appreciated his feedback and support.”

J.J., Marketing Communication Leadership